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Established 1965
Harold Merton, Publisher

Merton Media
1799 St. Clair Parkway,
Courtright, Ontario
N0N 1H0
Harold Merton
President and Publisher
Elspeth Smelser

Scope is Canada's oldest camping and recreational vehicle publication. It began back in 1965 when Canadian camper Harold Merton decided that it was time Canadians had a camping magazine of their own. He was tired of reading articles in U.S. Publications that had little interest to Canadians and there was literally no news of camping group activity at all in the U.S. magazines.

Scope Camping News quickly became a huge success as Canadian campers and advertisers flocked to the pages of the publication. It began as a sheet-fed offset printed publication but after three issues outgrew the facilities where it was printed and then moved to one of the newer technologies of the time, an offset newspaper printing press.

After a few issues as a tabloid newspaper, advertising agencies convinced the publisher that it would be much more convenient for them if the publication was a standard magazine size. Their ads didn't fit our page size and they wanted to be a part of Scope. The change was made and now 37 years after it began it still is produced in magazine format.

In 2001 the publication celebrated its 35th anniversary and it was fitting that on that milestone we launched a new venture - the internet version of Canada's oldest source of published camping information. The Scope Camping Web is a more readily accessible version of a source of information that Canadian campers have used for so many years.

We do not plan to use this website as a place to sell our visitors products and services except the publication itself. Visitors may order a hard copy of any issues of Scope Camping News by referring to the information on the first page you reach when you access www.clickoncamping.ca

Instead we would like our visitors to patronize our advertisers who make both our publication and our website possible. Many of our fine advertisers have been with us for 30 years or more.

Our vision for this website is a central place for people to gather when they need camping information. From our pages you may head off to campgrounds, dealers, attractions and a multitude of our own pages for everything from camping recipes to technical articles. Scope also tests a number of camping products and you can find these too on one of our pages.

If you offer a service to the camping community and have a website you should contact us so that we can link our visitors to your site as well.

To our regular visitors we ask you to bookmark us and come back whenever you can. You'll notice a box at the bottom of the intro page that tells you what's new. Please check with us often and tell your friends about clickoncamping.ca - the place for camping information in Canada.

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